February 2018 Board Minutes


Beaver Lake Sailing Club, Inc
February 5, 2018
The Board of Directors of the Beaver Lake Sailing Club met Monday, February 5, 2018, at Jay Havens’ home in Springdale

Board Members present:
Commodore Jay Havens
Vice Commodore Johnny Walker
Rear Commodore Victoria Albritton
Treasurer Tom Unger
Member-at-Large Bill Corley
Member-at-Large Kyle Flynn
Absent: Member-at-Large Jimmie White

Others Present:
Abram Barker, Stephanie Hopper Hubert, David Albritton, Linda Flynn, Max Havens

Previous Minutes – Voting was unanimous to accept.

Waterfront Committee report:
Johnny went over the slip waiting list. Bill Corley and Rob Ratley asked to be able to temporarily place a boat at the end of a Dock. All voted in favor that the boat can be kept at the end of the dock until the weather gets better.

Finance report:
Tom Unger – Stated that 21 members had not yet paid their dues. Only one greatly behind and that he has sent notices by email. If the member has not paid by next meeting it was agreed we might need to terminate his membership.
Tom shared that he deposited another 14,000.00 this month. He has received approximately 80% of 2018 Dues.
Property Insurance and Lease were paid.

Tom discussed the expense for trash pickup-
We have the option to have the dumpster picked up weekly, every other week, or once a month. Tom suggested that he would like to find out our options and the prices on either pick up every 2 weeks or once a month during off season and would share at the next meeting. cKyle suggested that if you call and you think there is a good price difference that he make the change. All were in favor.

New Members- Jackson and Joe Yonce were voted in October and the other in December with the agreement that they would pay the initiation fee and dues. Tom was able to make contact with Jackson, he decided that he no longer wanted to be a member. Both have decided not to become members. Bringing us to 127.

Josh Rosenburg Applications. Tom sent him an email that we do not have any slips available and have 12-15 members on the waiting list for a slip and that it could be a number of years before one is available.
Jay did some investigating and found him on Facebook and contacted him. He is a friend with one of the members. They may become members with James and Micky and share ownership in the future. Jay told them that if we approve them they are expected to pay application and membership fee.

Tom- suggested that we add the wording in the application that to become a member a check for the initiation fee should accompany the completed application.
Kyle motioned a $500.00 check for the initiation fee be attached with the application. If we don’t approve, you will be refunded. If you change your mind, you will not be refunded your initiation fee. Johnny 2nd it.
Jay asked David if he would Change the wording on the Membership request form to be accompanied with the initiation fee and membership dues for the remainder of the year. The initiation fee will be refunded if we do not accept you. You will not be refunded your initiation fee if you do change your mind about becoming a member.
All were in favor.

Clarification on Boat Insurance -Tom said some are going to expire in Feb, March and April. Tom has 38 people that have given proof of insurance so far. Tom asks that someone take over this task of insurance recordkeeping.
Victoria asked for clarification on what’s required for Insurance on boats. She asked if it is only required to show proof of insurance if you are racing? She said that she has received messages from members saying that it does not say anything in the by-laws. She had other members ask if they have to show proof every year?
Jay shared the application with the board and said it is in the application. The application states – Page 2

#9 I also understand and agree that each boat I own docked, stored or otherwise on Club property must carry liability insurance for each boat in the amount of $50,000.00 per occurrence. A copy of documentation from the insurance company which includes vessel information and insurance limits is required at the time a request for a slip assignment is made and annually thereafter.

Victoria was asked to send out an email with a copy of the application. She was asked to post on Facebook that if you have a boat you must provide proof of Insurance. If you have questions about it, look at your application that you agreed to when applying for membership. It was agreed that we need to enforce the requirement. It was discussed that we may start fining members a $100.00 if they do not show proof of Insurance. The current Penalty is loss of privileges and subject to loss of membership. You are required to have a copy of Insurance in your boat.
Victoria offered to take over the task from Tom Unger. The board agreed.

In old business:
Reviewed Jared Biggs’ request for a rate increase.
After reviewing Jared’s duties, the board agreed to give him a $150.00 a month raise to be 785.00 a month, plus free slip, dues and let him use the “poo boat” for work.
Kyle motioned, Bill Corley 2nd the motion. All were in favor.

New Business:
• Dock swim ladders – Bill Corley shared two kinds of swim ladders. The board agreed to purchase swim ladders with 4 steps

• Gas Grills – The board agreed that we needed to purchase new Grills. It was unanimous to purchase grills for no more than total of $1,500.00.

• Trees to be planted – Sue White asks that we discuss the trees that will be coming March 1st. Board suggested that we ask for volunteers to plant trees after work day and count it as a work day credit.

• Tractor and Gravel – Jay suggested that we get one more load of gravel. Eddie Davis offered to bring his tractor out and move the gravel.

• Jay- presented photos and information on the Vanguard Zuma boat including trailer that is being given to the club. All were in favor of accepting it for the club.

• Re-plumbing to include shutoff valves. Abram said that he has several designs for the shut off valves. He said the hardware is there and that we just need to put some shut off valves in so if something should freeze or we have plumbing issues we can shut off that area without having to shut off, say the bathrooms for example. Jay asked Abram to look into what it will cost and share with the board.

• Signage for 10 minute limit while loading and unloading boats – Tom reminded us about getting signs for loading and unloading boats. He has found some aluminum that will last a long time.

• Bill Corley asked for approval to share some ideas about offering Sailing courses. He suggested we invite Debbie Graham over for a weekend to teach courses. He brought up Safety courses, CPR classes, Man over board race. Racing courses that are set up to practice that we time ourselves. He shared an App that you can chart your course. It is a free App on your phone. Victoria agreed that these are great ideas and thought it would be an opportunity for more people to learn how to Sail.The board agreed that Bill should send an email out with his ideas.

Jay Motioned that the meeting be adjourned, Kyle 2nd it. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Albritton
Rear Commodore