How to Apply for Membership

Membership is by an application process.  All members must be approved by a vote of the Beaver Lake Sailing Club Board of Directors.  Generally, the board meets on a monthly basis to approve memberships and conduct routine club business. Currently, there is a waiting list for joining the Beaver Lake Sailing Club. You may still apply by completing the steps below, however there is no need to send your application fee. The fee will be collected when you are notified there is a membership available for you.

1. Visit Beaver Lake Sail Club – contact any board member for a tour if you have not
already visited our club.

2. Fill out the application found below.

3. If you currently own a boat, attach current proof of liability insurance
(usually available as part of your regular home owners insurance).

4. Attach your $500 one-time application fee. ** see note above

5. Mail your application to:
Beaver Lake Sailing Club
PO Box 4345
Fayetteville, AR 72702

Associate Membership:  (Racing Membership) One time application fee of $300, allows participation in racing and use of club facilities on Race and Regatta days only. (Scheduled for removal as membership option)

After application approval, boat owners should apply for a slip immediately – there is a waiting list for slips.  Begin paying monthly membership dues. Paying for the calendar year in advance results in significant savings ($25 per month paid annually vs. $30 monthly).

BLSC Application for Membership