Racing Information and Instructions

Contact: Vice Commodore Johnny Walker or 479-530-3470

2016 BLSC Local Rules

The Basic Rules of Sailboat Racing

Fundamentals: Help anyone in danger, and avoid collisions whenever possible.

1. Opposite Tacks: Starboard has right of way.

2. Same Tack: Leeward or clear ahead have right of way.

3. Changing Tacks: Boats tacking or jibing keep clear.

4. Limits: Right-of-way boats changing course or when gaining right of way must at first give others room to keep clear.

5. Giving room: Except at a starting mark surrounded by navigable water, outside boats must give room to those inside at a mark or obstruction.

6. At windward marks, Rule 1 (not Rule 5) applies to boats beating on opposite tacks.



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